A row of Teslas charging at a public charging station - Jumptech helps develop low cost, fast, and accessible charging

Public Charging – Charge Point Operators

Access real-time project insights, historical reports, and comprehensive audit trails for every job aspect.

Maximise return on investments with solutions designed to help scale your network with future-ready solutions for the new age of ‘filling stations’.

Site selection

Identify the best locations.
  • Integrate on-site and off-site data collection for comprehensive insights.
  • Reduce the time needed to identify suitable locations by enabling contractors to visualise data from other platforms, perform spatial analysis, and upload their findings to a centralised project portal. 
Jumptech helps your business grow and adapt to a low carbon future

Agile collaboration and project management

Streamline multi-project management with robust processes.
  • Boost collaboration and project completion with real-time progress updates for delivery partners.
  • Streamline the management of pre, present, and post-installation processes with defined stage gates and document requirements.
  • Facilitate seamless information exchange between the site and CPMS with all project data in one place. 
  • Ensure smooth coordination and hassle-free final sign offs with on-site engineers through guided workflow processes and paperwork automation.
Fleet of electric vans charging - Jumptech helps power your business forwards

Compliance made simple

Ensure safety, reliability, user confidence, and legal compliance.
  • Implement SLAs and effortlessly generate reports to ensure compliance, maintain performance standards, and adhere to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Easy access to RAMS and efficient information sharing ensures compliance with health and safety protocols.
  • A detailed audit trail of delivery partners’ activities guarantees accountability and compliance.
Jumptech helps with the expansion of the public charging network with the installation of new Tesla Superchargers

Easily manage maintenance and repairs

Keep track of your assets. 
  • Facilitate seamless information sharing and easy access to relevant data and documentation.
  • Simplify ongoing maintenance with proactive and reactive measures, SLAs, and easy reporting on adherence.
  • Integrate with CPMS software with clear fault codes for quick understanding and resolution.
  • Prioritise efficient fault resolution and clear communication with EV drivers and site owners to protect brand reputation.
With real-time insights on jobs Jumptech provides business life information about their engineers and projects