EO Charging partners Jumptech to build a ‘bespoke installation journey’ for EV customers

UK-based EO Charging collaborates with Jumptech for an advanced charge point installation platform, supporting the launch of their latest EV chargers. The partnership offers seamless installations with real-time updates and improved communication for home and SME fleet customers.

Jumptech partners with EO to introduce state-of-the-art chargepoint installation platform

Cambridge, UK – 28 October 2022 – EO Charging (EO), a leading UK-based electric vehicle (EV) smart charging provider, has formed a partnership with Jumptech to introduce a state-of-the-art chargepoint installation platform. This collaboration aims to support the launch of EO’s latest generation of EV chargers, the EO Genius 2 and the EO Mini Pro 3, while delivering a streamlined and bespoke installation journey for their valued EV customers.

The advanced software platform developed by Jumptech simplifies the installation process for both home users and small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) fleet customers of EO. With the implementation of this platform, EO customers can now benefit from a fully-managed end-to-end service, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.

One of the key features of Jumptech’s software is its seamless communication, providing essential information about the property and desired installation details. Moreover, customers receive real-time updates on the status of their orders, significantly enhancing the overall installation experience.

For EO’s approved installation and distribution partners, the platform offers automated notifications when they are assigned new jobs. This helps streamline their workflow, providing step-by-step guidance through the installation process, while unlocking valuable live updates, performance statistics, and job completion data.

EO’s automotive partners will also have access to the platform, enabling them to tailor a bespoke installation journey for their own customers, further improving the overall customer experience.

The benefits of this partnership extend globally, as the platform will be available to EO customers and partners not only across the UK but also in New Zealand and Australia.

Tom Pollard, head of EO’s distribution sales division, praised the collaboration, stating,

Jumptech’s platform allows us to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to the wide range of businesses and EV drivers adopting our new generation of products – as well as giving our installers and distribution partners the tools to provide a high-quality service.

Tom Pollard
Head of EO’s distribution sales division

EO Charging has been experiencing significant growth throughout the year, earning recognition and becoming a finalist for the Charge Point Manufacturer of the Year (Domestic) 2022 award at the prestigious Electric Vehicle Innovations and Excellence Awards.

As for Jumptech, it has been rapidly expanding in 2022, forming partnerships with key industry players such as RAW Charging, Sevadis, ScottishPower, Hypervolt, and YESSS EV & Energy. The company’s global footprint expanded with its recent entry into the Netherlands through a successful partnership with charge point installer VEBE, building upon its prior expansion into Australia in 2021 through collaboration with charging specialist EVSE.

Moreover, Jumptech has seamlessly integrated its installer management platform with ev.energy’s EV owner smart charging software platform. This integration has been embraced by notable industry leaders, including Indra, Easee UK, ProjectEV, TSG UK, Fulcrum, BP Pulse, Pod Point, and Good Energy, further solidifying Jumptech’s position as an industry frontrunner since its establishment in 2018.

Phil Nunn, the founder of Jumptech, expressed excitement about the collaboration, saying,

We’re delighted to be supporting EO as they deliver solutions for some of the world’s largest EV fleets and automotive partners who will benefit from their exciting new charge points.

Phil Nunn
Founder of Jumptech

With EO Charging and Jumptech joining forces, the future of EV charging looks brighter than ever, promising a more seamless and enhanced experience for EV customers worldwide.

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