Engineer stood in front of fuse box checking tablet as Jumptech's Atom app allows for photos to be uploaded during site surveys

Simplified warranty registration for low-carbon tech installers

Jumptech simplifies warranty registrations for both network members and external installers.

Efficient product registration is facilitated with clear instructions for gathering necessary information, including photos, serial numbers, and customer onboarding walk-throughs.

Confident warranty registrations for all installers

Exclusive warranty registration for Jumptech network installers

  • Jumptech installers enjoy exclusive and dedicated warranty registration.
  • After project installation, our system automatically generates all necessary data.
  • Automated processes eliminate manual data entry, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
Jumptech automatically generates all necessary data for warranty registration streamlining workflow and improving productivity

Efficient warranty registration for non-Jumptech network installers

  • Our QR code solution enables easy warranty registration for non-Jumptech installers.
  • Scanning the QR code directs installers to a streamlined registration workflow.
  • Complex data entry is eliminated for a simplified process.
A person holding a smartphone in front of a QR code on a green screen