OVO Energy partners with Jumptech as it aims to install more EV chargers in customers’ homes

OVO Energy joins Jumptech’s platform, streamlining electric vehicle charger installations for a top-notch customer experience. Partnering with leading UK charge point manufacturers, OVO manages various installations seamlessly, from inquiry to setup. Automated customer communications are tailored to the job’s source, while the platform facilitates nationwide installation services with built-in service reporting.

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Cambridge, UK – 9 December 2022 – OVO Energy has signed up to Jumptech’s platform which enables them to manage different types of electric vehicle charger installations whilst providing the best experience for its customers, streamlining the journey from enquiry to install. The platform also allows OVO to receive work from the UK’s leading charge point manufacturers who use Jumptech, to pass jobs to their preferred installers. 

‍Additionally, the Jumptech platform automates customer communications, based on where the job has come from, and enables OVO to provide a nationwide installation service with built-in service reporting. 

We’re delighted to be working with OVO Energy and supporting the delivery of installing EV charge points across the UK.

Phil Nunn
Founder and President of the Americas at Jumptech

At OVO we’re extremely committed to helping our customers transition to electric vehicles.  Jumptech plays a big part in this as it provides the technology platform to ensure we can install efficiently and compliantly at scale.

Alex Thwaites
Head of Zero Carbon Living

About OVO Energy

OVO was founded in 2009 and redesigned the energy experience to be fair, effortless, green and simple for all customers. OVO was awarded Company of the Decade at the BusinessGreen Leaders’ Awards and has won multiple awards, including Innovation Project of the Year, for investing in market-leading technology, customer service operations and digital products to help customers cut their carbon emissions. OVO is on a mission through its sustainability strategy Plan Zero to tackle the most important issue of our time; the climate crisis, by bringing our customers with us on the journey towards zero carbon living. OVO Energy has committed to being a net zero carbon business and achieving bold science-based carbon reduction targets while helping customers reduce their household emissions at the same time.

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