sonnen partners Jumptech to improve customer experience

Battery storage firm sonnen has partnered with Jumptech to streamline installation using its Connect platform, simplifying surveys and providing more accurate quotes. Shell Energy has also launched a Solar Storage tariff with sonnen, backed by Jumptech software, supporting grid balance with renewables. Improved customer journey and growth for sonnen in the UK battery market are expected.

Family play happily in the foreground while in the background a sonnen battery can be seen on the wall

Cambridge, UK – 31 July 2020 – sonnen, the battery storage company, has formed a strategic partnership with Jumptech, leveraging its innovative Connect platform to streamline the installation process.

Through the employment of Jumptech’s software on their mobile devices, customers can now conduct technical surveys with ease, expediting the process, and providing more precise quotes.

Notably, this collaboration will significantly reduce the time spent by sonnen’s Platinum Partners on-site for surveys, thereby ensuring enhanced safety for both partners and customers during these challenging times, as stated by sonnen.

Gavin Stokes, the company’s country director, expressed his delight at partnering with Jumptech, citing the proven success of their platform technology in the EV charging domain. He emphasised the opportunity to enhance the residential battery space’s customer experience significantly.

The UK’s battery sector is still experiencing substantial growth, and I firmly believe that we can offer a customer journey and service that reflects the exceptional quality of our product. Our aim is to continue adding to the impressive 50,000 units we have already installed worldwide.

Gavin Stokes
Country director

Recently, Shell Energy, in collaboration with sonnen, introduced a new Solar Storage tariff, introducing battery systems for homes and offering energy credits that customers can utilise during the winter months.

This new initiative will be facilitated by Jumptech software, which has a solid track record in the EV market. Notably, Jumptech has previously partnered with YESSS EV & Energy and Good Energy to support the deployment of charging infrastructure.

We’re thrilled to be working with sonnen as we believe batteries are essential to help balance the grid as our energy is increasingly generated by renewables. Jumptech Connect has been designed to ensure the best customer journey from initial enquiry through to install and we’re looking forward to working with sonnen as their business grows.

Phil Nunn
Founder of Jumptech

With the support of Jumptech, sonnen’s business is poised to grow even further in the future.

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