Kaluza Partners with Jumptech to Enable Seamless Energy Hardware Installations for Utilities

Kaluza teamed up with Jumptech to streamline energy hardware installations for utilities, enabling a seamless install-to-bill experience for low-carbon devices. This collaboration simplifies the process from installation to billing, offering personalised propositions including EV charge points, home batteries, and solar panels. Through optimised workflows, utilities can enhance customer satisfaction while advancing decarbonisation efforts.

London – 12th March, 2024 – Kaluza, a leading energy software business, today partners with Jumptech, an electrification installation platform, enabling utilities to offer frictionless install-to-bill experiences around low-carbon devices.

The collaboration will provide energy utilities with an out-of-the-box solution for delivering personalised customer propositions that include EV charge points, home batteries and solar panels, while streamlining the entire process from installation to energy optimisation and billing. 

By delivering a fully-integrated customer journey, the Kaluza and Jumptech partnership enables energy customers to decarbonise their homes more easily and affordably. Through Jumptech’s optimised workflows, utilities can remove the risks associated with installations and, with Kaluza, create rewarding customer experiences that increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value. 

Kaluza’s agile architecture is empowering utilities to innovate market-leading propositions and deliver with unprecedented speed. From the UK to Australia, Kaluza has worked with utilities to deploy software solutions that tackle complexity in a rapidly-changing world. This includes integrating EVs, solar plus storage and heat pumps, as well as migrating tens of thousands of meters from antiquated legacy billing software to a modern cloud platform. Kaluza empowers utilities to adapt to changing demands and better serve their customers. 

Neel Gulhar, Chief Product Officer at Kaluza, commented:

“Achieving decarbonisation requires removing friction from the adoption of low-carbon devices. This demands an integrated customer experience, which is exactly what we are unlocking through our partnership with Jumptech. We’re thrilled to be working with an innovative partner to reshape the utility landscape, creating a future where energy solutions are tailored to individual needs and seamlessly delivered without hassle.”

Declan Murphy, European Sales Director, at Jumptech, commented: 

“We are excited about our collaboration with Kaluza, which allows energy utilities to provide seamless services to their customers. Together, we’re simplifying the transition to electrification, setting the benchmark for large-scale installations of low-carbon devices.”

About Kaluza

Kaluza is an energy software company powering the future of energy. From revolutionising billing to smart electric vehicle charging, Kaluza’s technology is empowering some of the biggest energy suppliers to better serve millions of customers. Its real-time cloud platform transforms supplier operations, reducing cost to serve and boosting customer engagement. Powered by Kaluza, suppliers can invest in innovating for tomorrow’s customers and drive decarbonisation with smart, low carbon technologies that not only reduce energy bills, but lay the foundations for a more flexible energy system. Kaluza is a B Corp-certified business with over 450 employees across seven global hubs. www.kaluza.com