Jumptech Atom app allows engineers in the field to complete solar panel installation jobs easily and to a high standard

Energy Suppliers

Easily expand your services to provide a broader range of options to your customers and explore new revenue streams.

Streamline operations, and ensure compliance.

Become a one-stop shop for diverse electrification solutions

EV Charging

Tap into a growing market and meet the rising demand for electric vehicles.
  • Streamline job qualifications with a simple link that guides customers through a self-survey. 
  • Eliminate on-site visits by performing supply upgrade assessments from the platform before installation.
  • Simplify DOE or SETO grant eligibility and ensure compliant installations with streamlined processes and thorough verification.
  • Optimise installation scheduling by facilitating clear information exchanges between installers and third-party contractors.
  • Equip engineers with step-by-step instructions for accurately capturing installation details and commissioning chargers.
  • Improve the customer experience by accessing real-time installation progress for prompt issue resolution.
  • Integrate seamlessly with internal systems for streamlined management reporting and automated updates.
Automotive Technician Testing Powerful Electric Wall Charger For EV Vehicles Charging. Powering Cars with Alternative Fuel Source.

As EV adoption grows and our Smart EV Home Charge offering has expanded to include solar panel installations and air source heat pumps, Jumptech enables us to service this demand while ensuring we provide the best possible experience by fully integrating the customer’s journey.

Andrew Mouat
Head of Smart Mobility at ScottishPower

Solar and Battery Storage

Harness the urgent need for sustainable energy and contribute to building a planet-friendly tomorrow, all the while unlocking new avenues for business growth.
  • Record thorough and accurate details of aspects such as scaffolding, roofing, and electrical installation for comprehensive documentation.
  • Accurately assess shade and wind challenges with real-time property visibility.
  • Improve lead quality with active customer participation during the enquiry phase, including picture capture and detailed information.
  • Leverage a centralized document management system for seamless access and reference to all design and documentation files.
  • Prevent contractor disputes and ensure swift resolutions through simple photograph capture.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction through seamless and transparent documentation of roof work quality and cable locations.
  • Effortlessly collect and compile all required documentation for NABCEP approval, encompassing design requirements, safety certificates, and serial number registrations.
  • Optimize solar installation workflows and exceed basic management requirements.
With intelligent design and features Jumptech simplifies installations helping to increase productivity of solar panel installation projects

Heat pumps

Contribute to meeting energy efficiency demands, expand your service offering, reduce carbon emissions, and boost business opportunities.
  • Record thorough and accurate details of heat pump installations, including location selection, sizing, and equipment placement.
  • Accelerate lead qualification and access automated site survey processes to save valuable time.
  • Eliminate complex paper trails with automatic naming, sorting, and saving of pictures to the right jobs, including piping, ductwork, electrical connections, and insulation.
  • Streamline communication and coordination among contractors by providing step-by-step guidance for essential regulatory documents.
Engineer adds final few touches to heat pump installation

Empower your business with our enterprise solution

Tailored to your specific requirements.

Customize customer communications with tailored surveys, SMS, and emails, and enjoy the flexibility of custom fields and secure document storage.

Maximize quoting and invoicing efficiency by seamlessly integrating accounting and optimize operations by connecting your CRM or existing tech stack.

Jumptech pathway software helps streamline EV charger installation workflows