Wholesaler employee transporting a pallet of EV chargers

A sales optimization platform for wholesalers and retailers

Incorporate bolt-on installation services and refer low-carbon equipment customers to your trusted installers.

Gain real-time insights, maintain full control over the customer experience, and set the standard for high-quality installs.

For wholesalers: Channel partnerships

Grow as a versatile full-service provider without expanding your workforce.
  • Valuable insights into operations help you boost demand, make data-driven decisions, and protect your brand. 
  • Simplify the process for customers by upselling installation services.
  • Invite preferred installers to join the platform, assign them leads/jobs, and reward those who purchase more low-carbon equipment with leads.
Large warehouse efficiently filled with shelves and pallets of goods.

For retailers: Direct to consumer

Define the standard
  • Provide customers with effortless installation experiences.
  • Personalised workflows and self-service reporting help channel partners provide exceptional, branded customer experiences. 
Jumptech means customers can experience a 5-star experience every time