EV charger installers find increased efficiency and optimization in workflows with Jumptech

Electrical Installers

Increase lead conversions with scalable solutions that adapt to your growth.

Jumptech supports installers of all levels allowing newcomers and established players to grow in the ecosystem.

Efficiently manage projects of
all sizes

Domestic Installations
  • Benefit from a simple installation process from start to finish, from job qualification to complex DNO paperwork and regulations. 
  • Deliver 5-star installations with a structured workflow and powerful automation features.

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Commercial Installations
  • Generate, review and successfully submit applications for commercial grants through Jumptech’s portal.
  • Optimise project management with automated workflows and real-time tracking.
  • Ensure smooth handovers between teams and maintain comprehensive audit trails for complex projects throughout every stage of commercial work.
  • Auto-generate core documentation needed for permits and regulations.

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Automotive Technician Testing Powerful Electric Wall Charger For EV Vehicles Charging. Powering Cars with Alternative Fuel Source.

Pay-as-you-go and grow

Unleash your potential.
  • Simplify and optimise the process from start to finish, from job qualification to managing permits, plans and regulations.
  • A guided workflow and powerful automation features simplify admin processes and help you deliver consistent 5-star installations.
  • Get started with no subscription fees on our Starter model.
Jumptech saves time on back office admin allowing for more time to complete more jobs

Branding and integration

Scaling made simple.
  • Seamlessly evolve your business to the next level to meet the demands of multiple installations.
  • Customise customer communications with tailored surveys, SMS, and emails.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of custom fields and secure document storage.
  • Easily integrate accounting for quoting and invoicing and optimise operations by connecting your CRM or existing tech stack.
With Jumptech workflows of engineers can be streamlined and improved, all accessible through Pathway

Reach further, and achieve more, without growing your team.

Extend your service range.
  • Subcontract jobs to third parties and integrate them as if they were part of your team.
  • Detailed reporting and data analysis enables you to effectively manage subcontractors and identify areas for improvement.
  • View all projects on a map to guide actions, optimise engineer capacity, and discover additional opportunities to scale.