Effectively winning more customers: How Jumptech transformed the installation process for LADE EXPRESS

The error rate of our processes has reduced by 30 percent. This avoids unnecessary trips, and we can continue to guarantee intensive support for our customers.

Julius Krause
EV charge point happy family

Electric vehicle adoption has grown at a steady rate across Europe, and with it has come an increase in demand for EV charge points. Private at-home, public and depot charging for electric fleets, all contribute to the demand for charging infrastructure.

LADE EXPRESS provides comprehensive charging solutions and PV systems, encompassing charge points, installation, and support for both residential and commercial settings. During the last few years, LADE EXPRESS has been focusing on meeting the growing demand for electric vehicles in Germany. As of January 2024, more than 1.4 million electric vehicles have been registered in Germany, up nearly 40% from 1.17 million in July 2023. LADE EXPRESS has played a key role in supporting this transition by installing over 3000 charging stations across the country.

Unique customer needs

For LADE EXPRESS, understanding the unique needs of each customer is crucial, especially as many installers are tasked with integrating state-of-the-art charging solutions with decades-old infrastructure. Navigating from assisting private electric vehicle owners without garages to addressing the needs of businesses seeking cross-location solutions, LADE EXPRESS faced a spectrum of diverse and often unpredictable conditions at customers’ sites. Conducting in-person site assessments before each installation became crucial, especially with domestic customer surveys significantly affecting the organisation’s productivity. 

Furthermore it’s not just the installer assessing on-site conditions who invests time; the potential customer, who initially waits for and then personally attends the appointment, also dedicates valuable time. Recognising the importance of efficiency in both time and costs, LADE EXPRESS sought to streamline its processes, particularly in the pre-installation phase of charging solutions. This is crucial because the pre-check significantly influences success: If the wait for the electrician’s appointment becomes too lengthy for the prospect, they may consider seeking services elsewhere. The likelihood of securing a contract with a customer is further reduced if manual errors are made during this phase.

Digital pre-check tool

LADE EXPRESS found a transformative solution in Jumptech’s digital survey tool, which streamlined the pre-installation checks process. A win-win situation for LADE EXPRESS and potential customers. Instead of searching for a suitable appointment with an electrician, a prospect can self-serve a digital pre-check for the installation.

Through a simple link sent via SMS, customers are seamlessly guided through an automated self-survey, complete with examples of necessary requirements such as photos of crucial items like their control box, electrical meter, and preferred EV charger installation location. This innovative approach ensures all essential information is gathered efficiently while eliminating the necessity for engineers to physically visit sites during the initial stages. With Jumptech’s software, not only can the pre-check survey be completed quickly, but an individual quote can be generated for each customer.


decrease in process error rates.

uplift in pre-check survey completion rates.

X 10
increase in the number of pre-checks conducted.

Since integrating Jumptech’s software, LADE EXPRESS has seen significant enhancements, including a 30% decrease in process error rates. The implementation of digital pre-check surveys has eradicated needless customer visits, enabling the company to prioritize delivering comprehensive customer support. Moreover, there has been an impressive 50% uplift in pre-check survey completion rates, accompanied by a tenfold increase in the number of pre-checks conducted.

Additionally, the time from order confirmation to installation has been reduced to a mere two weeks, leading to a substantial improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

Our customers are very satisfied with the speed at which we fulfil their orders and install their charging stations on-site. Jumptech has contributed significantly to making our processes more effective and thus winning more customer orders.

Julius Krause

With the common goal of rapidly expanding charging stations throughout Germany, LADE EXPRESS’s partnership with Jumptech goes beyond mere process optimisation, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience.