EV Heroes: Leading the Way in Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installations with Jumptech

From the first engagement with Jumptech, we recognised an immediate alignment in our vision for delivering top-rated installations.

Shaun Evans
EV Heroes technicians

EV Heroes, a specialist electric vehicle (EV) charge point installation company, was founded in response to the growing interest in electric cars and the lack of specialised services in the market.

Early on, its founder recognised the potential of EVs and envisioned EV Heroes as a catalyst that would help the world transition toward EVs and low-carbon equipment. Today, EV Heroes collaborate with major industry players such as Ohme, BG SyncEV, Hypervolt, Simpson & Partners, Pod Point, Wallbox, and myenergi.

Scarcity of specialist EV charge point install capability

In the early stages of EVs entering the UK market, one of the main challenges was the lack of specialised installers for EV charge points. Many electricians dabbled in EV charge point installation but lacked the expertise and focus needed to deliver high-quality services. This gap in the market presented an opportunity for EV Heroes to establish itself as a leader in the field.

Another challenge was ensuring excellent customer service throughout the installation process. EV Heroes understood the importance of guiding customers through the decision-making process and providing support every step of the way, from initial enquiry to commissioning and post-installation assistance.

Setting a benchmark for EV charger installation

EV Heroes differentiates itself by offering a bespoke service focused solely on the installation of domestic and commercial electric vehicle charge points. By specialising in this niche, the company was able to attract clients who valued expertise and reliability.

To streamline the customer journey, EV Heroes uses Jumptech’s Electrification Installation Management Platform, which facilitates digital self-surveys, project management for installations and an installer app. The platform has enabled EV Heroes to offer a seamless experience to clients, from initial enquiry to installation completion.


By prioritising customer service and leveraging Jumptech’s Electrification Installation Management technology, EV Heroes has experienced significant growth and success. The company’s commitment to delivering 5-star customer experiences and empowering clients to make informed decisions has earned them a top-rated reputation in the market.

EV Heroes was able to scale its operations rapidly while maintaining high standards of quality. The company will have doubled its install capacity and expanded its team of specialist installers, positioning itself for further growth in the EV market in 2024. Further addressing customer demand, EV Heroes will hire three additional Customer Journey Managers.

x 2
Double its install capacity*

By mid 2024

+ 3
Additional Customer Journey Managers

Jumptech’s support in managing this growth has been invaluable, providing the tools and systems necessary for EV Heroes to navigate their expansion seamlessly.

We prefer to collaborate with those we trust and admire, and Jumptech embodies just that. Continuously evolving their technology to anticipate future needs ensures we don’t have to seek alternatives for crucial functionalities. More than that, Jumptech remains steadfast in addressing any challenges, allowing us to find optimal solutions together.

Shaun Evans
Founder, EV Heroes

By combining expertise, technology, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, EV Heroes has emerged as a leader in the industry, poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.