Current Disruptors: Jumptech’s Phil Nunn on leveraging tech to ease the EV charger rollout

In an insightful interview with Current±, Phil Nunn, the visionary founder and director of Jumptech, Molly Lempriere sheds light on the genesis of the groundbreaking platform, its capacity to facilitate large-scale installations, and the company’s soaring trajectory.

Black and white headshot of Jumptech Founder and President of the Americas, Phil Nunn

24 August 2020

Origin of Jumptech:

The concept behind Jumptech was born from Phil Nunn’s previous venture, Qton Solutions. This company specialised in offering a field service management platform for metering, serving esteemed clients such as National Grid and OVO Energy during the smart meter rollout. In 2016, following SMS plc’s acquisition of Qton Solutions, Phil purchased an electric car, which led to the realisation that installing a charge point was a formidable challenge.

It became evident that meeting the ambitious net zero targets would require a significant increase in installations. To achieve this, scalable systems and streamlined processes were essential. Drawing from their invaluable experience in the metering industry, Phil parted ways with SMS in 2018 to establish Jumptech. Alongside some of the original Qton team, they embarked on building a highly scalable platform that would offer a seamless customer journey.

Jumptech Platform at a Glance:

The Jumptech Platform empowers installers with a user-friendly self-survey feature. Customers receive a simple-to-use form via text, streamlining the process of uploading essential documents and capturing crucial metering data, photos of the consumer unit, fuse cut out, driveway, and more. Once the installer receives the survey, they review the information, generate a quote using the platform, and automatically generate the necessary documents for OLEV grants and DNO’s ENA forms.

Upon customer approval of the quote, the installer can seamlessly book and schedule the appointment through Jumptech. The appointed engineer then receives all the survey information, appointment details, and locations through a dedicated mobile app. The app serves as a guiding companion during the installation, ensuring compliance and capturing vital data and photos. Moreover, it is integrated to perform commissioning procedures.

Additionally, Jumptech offers “Connect,” catering to companies seeking to delegate charger installations to trusted installers. Connect allows efficient management, tracking, and verification of installation tasks. Renowned companies like Pod Point, YESSS Electrical, and Drive Electric utilise Connect to oversee and monitor their installations. Jobs are assigned from Connect to the installer’s environment, providing real-time visibility and control. The platform further facilitates customised risk assessments and methodologies in line with the charger being installed.

Jumptech’s Mission:

At the core of Jumptech’s mission lies the aspiration to enable the widespread adoption of chargers and low-carbon devices in the most efficient manner possible. By providing an end-to-end seamless customer journey and granting stakeholders access to essential information, the platform becomes a catalyst for achieving scalability and sustainability in the industry.

Technical Challenges and Solutions:

Developing a cutting-edge platform like Jumptech posed its share of technical challenges. However, the experience garnered from Qton Solutions, supporting over 1,000 daily jobs, proved instrumental. The team, comprising seasoned engineers, focused on overcoming challenges related to data sharing among multiple parties and subcontractor management. They ensured that these capabilities were easily implementable and configurable.

Furthermore, they grasped the significance of seamless integration with third-party systems like CRMs and ERPs, which was incorporated with utmost simplicity.

Jumptech invested heavily in the latest cloud services, leveraging automatic scaling to ensure consistent performance even with increasing numbers of users, jobs, and features.

Future Prospects:

Jumptech is now witnessing a burgeoning momentum, both in the industry and the demand for their unparalleled platform. Leading players like Pod Point have recognised its potential to accommodate the projected growth driven by increasing EV car sales.

Notably, Jumptech’s platform has also found traction in the installation of domestic battery storage, with esteemed clients like sonnen partnering for an extensive rollout in collaboration with Shell.

The future promises exciting developments, with more energy suppliers set to join forces with Good Energy on the platform. Collaborations with car dealers and lease companies will be fostered to build innovative propositions.

As the global challenge of implementing these technologies at scale looms large, Jumptech is gearing up for expansion in the USA, Nordics and Western Europe expanding on international reach.

For Phil Nunn and his dedicated team, the primary focus remains on nurturing a robust and scalable platform while working closely with customers to ensure their growth and success in this transformative domain.

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