How Mr Charger expanded its franchise network, customer base growth, and delivery of premium customer service.

Thanks to a dynamic partnership with Jumptech, Mr Charger continues to build on the success of their expanded franchise network, maintaining high-quality standards across multiple locations.

Woman connects plug-in charger to her Tesla thanks to Jumptech enabling greater efficiency in the installation of public EV chargers

A partnership with Jumptech, fueled Mr Charger’s franchise growth, quality across locations, and low-carbon tech advancements in the EV industry.

At the forefront of the EV revolution, Mr Charger was born out of a passion for renewable energy and a commitment to a carbon-free future. Specialists in EV charging station supply, installation, and maintenance, their expanded services also focus on low-carbon technologies. 

Distinctive through their professional and friendly service, Mr Charger aims to educate and support customers in the emerging EV industry. Their commitment makes them a trusted choice for businesses and individuals seeking trusted solutions.

Working with some of the biggest car manufacturing names in the business, as well as dealerships, property builders and developers, councils, corporations, and car charging manufacturers, Mr Charger specialises in supplying, installing, and maintaining EV charging stations. Their expanded services include battery storage solutions with a focus on low-carbon technologies.

Amidst rapid expansion and a strong commitment to a net-zero future, Mr Charger encountered several challenges when scaling. An efficient solution was needed to help them continue to provide 5* service to their customers. 

In response to these challenges, Mr Charger turned to Jumptech’s powerful platform with innovative features to help them streamline processes, deliver exceptional customer service, and drive the expansion of their franchise network.

Two people shaking hands on a new franchise deal in front of a Mr Charger van

Disjointed collaboration and integration processes

Unsure how to balance the scaling of the business with delivering consistent high-quality customer service, Mr Charger faced several efficiency challenges, including strategic resource allocation, complex operations management, and decreased productivity. 

Firstly, they needed a better way of managing complex multi-location operations. Secondly, they required a new system to address an overwhelming increase in customer service requests across various channels, including emails, phone calls, and photos. Finally, they needed a way to perform both of these tasks while also sustaining high service standards and enhancing productivity.  

Scaling and optimising operations for expansion

Jumptech’s comprehensive platform offered Mr Charger an end-to-end solution that addressed all of these challenges.

The platform enabled Mr Charger to streamline processes with a centralised customer management system, deliver a personalised approach to customer service, and ensure consistency in service delivery while maintaining high-quality standards.

Leveraging these features, Mr Charger successfully scaled their business, expanded their franchise network, and grew their customer base far beyond their existing reach.

Jumptech revolutionised our operations, boosted efficiency, helped us secure government grants, and helped expand our franchise network. With a supportive community of industry players — including manufacturers and charge point installers — all focused on electric charging, batteries, and solar power, Jumptech is invaluable for growth and exceptional customer service. We can’t praise them enough for their positive impact.

Richard Mills

Facilitated by Jumptech’s community of low-carbon technology players, Mr Charger continues to contribute to the development of the EV charging infrastructure.