BP Pulse partners with Jumptech as it looks to expand charger installations beyond 100,000

BP Pulse partners with Jumptech to expand EV charger installations. The collaboration streamlines processes and improves information flow using Jumptech’s platform. Customers provide property and installation details, processed by BP Pulse’s advisors. The software generates essential documents for grants and network forms. The partnership follows similar agreements.

Black and white photo of an electric car being rapidly charged with BP pulse next to a garage door

Cambridge, UK – 21 January 2021 – BP Pulse has signed a new contract with Jumptech to help grow electric vehicle (EV) charger installations.

BP Pulse, the O&G major’s e-mobility division, will use Jumptech’s platform to streamline the installation of chargers by simplifying processes and improving information flows, it said.

Jumpech’s platform is designed to allow customers to easily supply information about their property and the desired installation for home charging applications, including imagery. This then gets sent to BP Pulse’s team of advisors, enabling them to process the application.

Additionally, the software automatically generates all the documents needed for the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant, as well as relevant forms for the customer’s local distribution network.

As such, processes, documentation – including images captured for compliance purposes through the Jumptech app – and scheduling are all centralised.

Jumptech founder Phil Nunn said that the sector needs to see integrated streamlined processes between all parties as the number of charge point installations continues to ramp up.

We’re looking forward to enabling bp pulse to realise the benefits and efficiencies that adopting the Jumptech platform will bring across their business and for their partners.

Phil Nunn
Jumptech founder

The partnership follows similar agreements made by Jumptech in 2020 with the likes of Pod Point, YESSS EV & Energy and Good Energy.

BP Pulse will extend the use of the platform beyond its Homecharge operations, using it to assist with installation and maintenance of public charging networks as well.

The company is planning to expand its public charge point portfolio from 7,000 today to 16,000 by 2030. This will include 1,400 ultra-fast chargers.

We have already seen over 100,000 electric vehicles registered in 2020, and we could see triple that in 2021.

We have already successfully installed more than 60,000 home charging points to date and working with Jumptech will help us to hit 100,000 and beyond. We are focused on helping to make owning and driving an electric vehicle easier and the Jumptech platform will help us to make our customer journey as seamless as possible.

Matteo de Renzi
CEO of BP Pulse

Along with the rebrand, 2020 was an active year for BP in the EV space, including BP Pulse partnering with FreeWire to rollout its battery-integrated EV charging solution in December, as part of a US$50 million deal. Earlier in the year, BP Pulse launched a trial with supermarket chain M&S, installing the first 50kW chargers at its stores.

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