Fulcrum partners Jumptech as it looks to expand its residential EV offering

Fulcrum, an energy infrastructure company, has partnered with Jumptech to expand its residential electric vehicle (EV) offerings. The collaboration aims to strengthen Fulcrum’s presence in the EV charging infrastructure market and provide better services to residential customers. The partnership also extends to support Fulcrum’s commercial EV charging activity.

White car with Fulcrum branding on it parked outside a modern building lined with electric chargers available across the front

Cambridge, UK – 3 February 2021 – Fulcrum, the energy infrastructure company, has exciting news for all electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts. Teaming up with Jumptech, Fulcrum is set to revolutionise its residential EV offerings and expand its reach in the EV charging infrastructure market. This new partnership will enhance their ability to provide a comprehensive service to residential customers, ensuring they get the best possible experience.

Alex Hinchcliffe, Fulcrum’s head of EV charging infrastructure services, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating,

This partnership will support our growth in the home charging market and deliver efficiencies to our established operations, enabling our team to work closely with customers, giving them the best possible service and experience.

Alex Hinchcliffe
Fulcrum’s head of EV charging infrastructure services

Fulcrum is no stranger to working with leading EV charging technology providers, having already partnered with Chargepoint back in 2018. Additionally, they collaborate with reputable installers such as The Phoenix Works and YESSS EV & Energy, among others.

With Jumptech’s advanced platform in place, customers will find it easier than ever to provide crucial information about their properties and charging requirements. This streamlined application process will save time and effort for the customers, while Fulcrum’s team can closely monitor progress and share vital information with their partners.

But that’s not all – the collaboration between Fulcrum and Jumptech is set to go beyond residential projects. They have ambitious plans to support Fulcrum’s well-established commercial EV charging activities as well.

Jumptech has been actively forging partnerships with various EV charging companies over the last year, and the latest addition to their list is BP Evolve. This strategic move aims to extend charger installations beyond an impressive 100,000. In the past, Jumptech has successfully collaborated with renowned names like Pod Point, YESSS EV & Energy, and Good Energy in 2020.

Phil Nunn, the founder of Jumptech, shared his excitement about the future, saying,

We are looking forward to supporting Fulcrum’s continued growth in the sector by providing a fully integrated platform that enables them to work efficiently at scale with all their partners.

Phil Nunn
Founder of Jumptech

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