Jumptech partners YESSS EV & Energy to offer ‘one stop shop’

Jumptech partners with YESSS EV & Energy to provide a complete solution for UK electric vehicle manufacturers. Their collaboration integrates Jumptech’s Connect software and offers seamless charger installations, simplifying the process.

Jumptech partners with YESSS EV to increase the accessibility and availability of public EV charging

Cambridge, UK – July 23, 2020 – Jumptech has partnered with YESSS EV & Energy, aiming to offer a “one-stop shop” solution for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in the UK.

The collaboration will involve integrating Jumptech’s Connect product into YESSS’s customer offering, along with providing quotes and charger installations through service agreements.

Connect is a sophisticated software developed by Jumptech to establish and manage a network of installers across the country, simplifying the process of EV charger installations. This includes a self-survey tool that enables installers to gather all necessary documents and photos required for a smooth installation while efficiently managing the workflow.

This partnership enables us to accelerate our growth and together with YESSS offer a comprehensive end to end integrated solution to any organisation looking to provide a seamless customer journey.

Phil Nunn
Founder of Jumptech

This collaboration comes on the heels of Jumptech’s successful partnership with Good Energy, where their software was utilised within the One Charge network.

YESSS is always looking to provide additional support and services to our customers and suppliers and Jumptech’s platform achieves this perfectly, simplifying EV charger installs and enabling YESSS to offer a comprehensive install service to charge point manufacturers.

The Head of EV & Energy at YESSS

In conclusion, the partnership between Jumptech and YESSS EV & Energy is set to revolutionize the EV charger installation process in the UK. By integrating Jumptech’s Connect software and leveraging their expertise, this collaboration will streamline the customer journey for organisations and individuals alike, contributing to the growth and adoption of electric vehicles while promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. For EV manufacturers seeking a more streamlined and comprehensive solution, this partnership is sure to be a game-changer.

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