Cutting-edge collaboration propels RAW charging power rollout

Jumptech and RAW Charging forge a powerful partnership, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and green technologies. With Jumptech’s streamlined software, EV charge point installers can efficiently scale up. RAW Charging, a leading UK provider, aims to deploy 10,000 charging points, backed by a £250 million investment. The collaboration ensures destination charging at a significant scale for the growing EV market.

MINI Electric car recharging thanks to RAW Charging's partnership with Jumptech facilitating increased roll-out of public EV chargerpoints

Cambridge, UK – 1 August 2022 – In a strategic move aimed at revolutionising the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, RAW Charging has partnered with Jumptech, the leading installation software company. This collaboration marks RAW Charging’s endeavor to increase chargepoint installations while maintaining full visibility over each project’s status.

With access to Jumptech’s cutting-edge platform, RAW Charging gains the capability to scale up its installation processes rapidly. The platform, specifically designed for chargepoint maintenance and installations, streamlines and enhances the efficiency of RAW Charging’s expansion plans.

Through the Jumptech app, RAW Charging’s engineers will have all the information required for seamless installations at their fingertips. The app enables real-time transmission of details, photographs, and documentation back to the company once the charge point becomes operational, ensuring a smooth and organised workflow.

Bruce Galliford, CEO of RAW Charging, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,

Jumptech enables us to rapidly scale up our processes as it has been designed specifically for chargepoint maintenance and installations. It’s the perfect tool to streamline our expansion.

Bruce Galliford
CEO of RAW Charging

This partnership follows RAW Charging’s successful fundraising round in 2022, securing an impressive £250 million from private equity firm Antin Infrastructure Partners. Bolstered by the investment, RAW Charging has also expanded its leadership team and set ambitious growth targets, with a goal to install 10,000 chargepoints in the next three years.

Jumptech, a powerhouse in its own right, has been on a rapid expansion spree. The company inked strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Sevadis, ScottishPower, Hypervolt, and YESSS EV & Energy.

In addition to domestic expansion, Jumptech also made its mark on the international stage. A fruitful partnership with chargepoint installer VEBE paved the way for Jumptech’s entry into the Netherlands in 2022, building on its successful expansion into Australia in 2021 through collaboration with charging specialist EVSE.

Furthermore, Jumptech’s installer management platform seamlessly integrated with ev.energy’s EV owner smart charging software platform. This integration has garnered widespread adoption from notable players in the industry, including Indra, Easee UK, ProjectEV, TSG UK, Fulcrum, BP Pulse, Pod Point, and Good Energy, consolidating Jumptech’s position as a dominant force in the market since its inception in 2018.

Phil Nunn, the founder of Jumptech, expressed his excitement about supporting RAW Charging, stating,

We’re looking forward to supporting the team at RAW Charging as they provide the destination charging at scale essential for the ever-increasing adoption of electric vehicles.

Phil Nunn
Founder of Jumptech

The collaboration between RAW Charging and Jumptech holds immense promise in shaping a sustainable and electrified future, where EV charging infrastructure is seamlessly integrated and accessible to all. As the world accelerates towards greener mobility, this partnership sets the stage for a more sustainable and connected tomorrow.

This article was first featured on Current± News and in the Cambridge Independent