Tesla Day – connecting key players in EV industry ecosystem

Tesla Day, hosted by Jumptech and supported by key players in the EV ecosystem, served as a momentous occasion, driving innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of a sustainable and electrifying future. As the sun set on this remarkable day, the energy and enthusiasm in the room echoed the collective commitment to revolutionise the way we drive, charge, and embrace a greener tomorrow.

Jumptech founder Phil Nunn at Tesla Day hosted by Jumptech in Cambridge, uniting people, streamlining processes and aligning purpose

The future of mobility is electric!

Cambridge, UK — 12 July 2023 —Jumptech hosted Tesla Day, bringing together many of the key players in EV charging. A great example of the Jumptech ecosystem uniting people, streamlining processes and aligning purpose, creating a force for change to a net zero future!

Amidst the radiance of a promising morning, electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts and industry leaders convened at the momentous occasion known as “Tesla Day,” hosted by Jumptech. The event’s primary objective was to unveil cutting-edge innovations and encourage cooperation among key stakeholders in the ecosystem of e-mobility.

The day commenced with a heartfelt greeting from Jumptech’s Declan Murphy. He emphasised the company’s unwavering dedication to promoting EV adoption and creating a sustainable future through advanced charging solutions.

Taking centre stage, Jack Price, representing Tesla, showcased the Wall Connector, Tesla’s latest and most convenient charging solution for EV owners. Its sleek design and unrivalled efficiency promised to revolutionise the charging experience not only for Tesla drivers but also for others in the EV community.

Experience the highlights of Tesla Day
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Neil Mallinson from Doncaster Cables introduced the audience to EV-Ultra®, a game-changing technology designed to simplify EV charger installations, making them cleaner, faster, and more straightforward. This innovative solution aimed to lower barriers to entry for EV infrastructure and accelerate the transition to cleaner transportation.

Captivating the audience, Paul Ruddick of D-Line showcased their innovative cable management solutions. Addressing a crucial aspect of EV charging infrastructure, his presentation explored how D-Line’s solutions contributed to seamless integration of EV chargers, ensuring both safety and aesthetics from charger to kerb sides.

David Tierney, representing WCED, discussed the critical role of circuit protection in ensuring the safety and reliability of EV charging equipment. With the increasing demand for EVs, robust circuit protection becomes paramount, safeguarding both the vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Taking the stage, Akbar Baig, from Jumptech, unveiled the synergy between Jumptech and all the stakeholders within the EV industry ecosystem. Their collaboration aimed to streamline EV charging workflows, providing a seamless charging experience aligned with the vision of a sustainable energy future.

Jim Rugg, representing Replenishh, showcased their role as a smart EV charging distributor, bridging the gap between manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users. Their innovative solutions optimised charging infrastructure deployment, ensuring a well-connected and efficient charging network.

Francesca Cori, representing Tesla, returned to the stage to delve deeper into the commercial insights of the Wall Connector. The presentation shed light on how Tesla’s charging solutions catered to businesses and commercial establishments, encouraging widespread EV adoption across various sectors.

As the event came to a close, attendees left inspired and motivated to continue their journey towards a sustainable future. The day’s insights and collaborations set the stage for accelerated EV adoption and the continued growth of the EV ecosystem.