How Jumptech transformed We Power Your Car’s installation management processes to fuel fourfold business growth

Jumptech not only improved internal processes but also played a crucial role in nurturing customer relationships. 

Kai Arter
Founder & Chairman
Black and white photo of an electric car driving down a motorway

We Power Your Car partnered with Jumptech to streamline the entire EV charger point installation process and quadruple their growth.

We Power Your Car is driven by a mission to deliver exceptional customer service and quality end-to-end installation experiences. Unlocking the potential of the widespread EV charging adoption in both businesses and homes, We Power Your Car simplifies the installation process and removes barriers to help customers seamlessly transition to greener energy. 

Aiming to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, We Power Your Car’s vision contributes to a sustainable future for all.

We Power Your Car sets the standard in end-to-end EV charger installations. From initial enquiry to post-installation check-up, they manage the entire process – including finance options, grant paperwork, and DNO notifications. Their services range from sales lead management and physical installations to sales follow-ups and an outsourced solution for completing work on behalf of their customers.

Faced with inefficient processes when managing a high volume of job installations, We Power Your Car sought a consolidated end-to-end solution that could enable them to meet their commitment to delivering 5-star, end-to-end services.

With these challenges in mind, We Power Your Car looked to harness Jumptech’s platform to help them consolidate the management of the entire installation process and workflows within a unified, centralised system.

Consolidating installation processes and delivering personalised services

Managing the complexities of the installation process posed significant challenges for We Power Your Car, including the inability to consolidate surveys, customer property details, customer information, and completed installation data. 

They also lacked the flexibility to customise their workflows and processes to deliver a more personalised and branded service to their customers. 

Finally, they were in need of a better way of processing a significantly higher volume of jobs without having to onboard additional staff members.

Jumptech’s tailored platform boosts installation management efficiency

Jumptech’s platform provided We Power Your Car with a streamlined solution that enabled them to consolidate all of their installation processes — including surveys, customer property details, customer information, and completed installation data and workflows — into a centralised platform. 

In addition to boosting productivity and efficiency, We Power Your Car leveraged the platform to forge partnerships with key customers, handle higher job volumes without expanding their workforce, and tailor the platform’s features for personalized customer experiences. As a result, We Power Your Car’s business grew fourfold and was able to successfully acquire several large customers.

Jumptech not only improved internal processes but also played a crucial role in nurturing customer relationships. Additionally, Jumptech’s platform connected We Power Your Car to the wider ecosystem and industry, providing unexpected benefits and fostering growth opportunities.

Kai Arter
Founder & Chairman, We Power Your Car

Ultimately Jumptech’s platform improved productivity and efficiency drove the business’s fourfold growth, helping and to secure successful acquisition of large customers.