How Jumptech helped Sync EV realise their potential

Jumptech has transformed the way we work and enabled us to provide an excellent customer experience, without the need to increase the internal resource required – it’s a win-win!

Ben Coombes
EVCP Installation Director
Jumptech helping to facilitate the installation of Sync EV chargers for domestic charging

Sync EV’s game-changing transformation: How Jumptech empowered seamless customer experience, without resource overload .

In 2018 SyncEV entered the fast-moving world of electric vehicle charging after launching the world’s smallest EV charge point. 

They soon gained traction in the market and as sales increased it became challenging to track which installers were converting leads with the most success. The customer experience also began to suffer as they were not easily kept informed about the progress of their install. 

Collecting and maintaining the completed warranty documentation from installers was a manual process and not scaling with the volumes now being achieved. 

Installation Director, Ben Coombes was looking for a solution that would provide visibility across the installation process, keep the customer informed and automate the warranty data collection. 

He knew that he needed a solution that reduced the amount of manual processes for each install, allowing him to focus on growing the company.

I realised all the big names in the industry were using Jumptech and they came highly recommended!

Ben Coombes
EVCP Installation Director

Streamlining installations while enhancing customer experience

SyncEV faced several challenges that hindered their progress in the electric vehicle charging industry. Initially, they lacked visibility into the customer journey, making it difficult to track and understand their experiences. This resulted in poor communication with their valued customers, leaving them uninformed about the progress of their installations.

Additionally, their paper-based warranty process proved to be time-consuming and inefficient, as it required manual collection and maintenance of warranty documentation from installers. The burden of these tasks left them with limited time to focus on crucial business growth opportunities.

Revolutionising efficiency and customer satisfaction

By partnering with Jumptech, they gained the ability to track lead conversion, ensuring a streamlined process for identifying the most successful installers.

Through Jumptech’s extensive nationwide network of installers, SyncEV was able to access a pool of highly skilled professionals, guaranteeing efficient and reliable installations across the country.

To enhance customer satisfaction, SyncEV implemented automated communication systems, keeping their customers informed about the progress of their installations and delivering a seamless experience.

Additionally, Jumptech’s innovative platform enabled SyncEV to digitise their warranty documentation capture, eliminating manual processes and scaling effortlessly with their growing volumes. With these comprehensive solutions in place, SyncEV experienced increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and regained valuable time to focus on driving their business growth.

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