Transformative partnership: Plug Me In and Jumptech unite to transform customer experience

Thanks to a partnership with Jumptech, Plug Me In has elevated customer experiences by simplifying processes, streamlining collaboration with partners, and personalising customer journeys.

Ian Rowands
Operations Director
Plug Me In Jumptech Case Study

How Jumptech helped Plug Me In seamlessly integrate processes and people to elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Plug Me In, a leading provider of smart EV charging infrastructure in the U.K., supports customers and businesses in their transition away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. 

As part of the Calisen Group — whose strategic goal is to invest in, own and operate smart critical infrastructure to enable the U.K. to meet its net zero targets — Plug Me In is not just a provider of energy tech solutions, but a partner in their customers’ success. 

Specialists in installing EV charge points for both homes and businesses, Plug Me In also advises and guides customers throughout the whole installation journey and beyond — from planning to installation and ongoing maintenance. 

With a 24/7 customer support centre and a rapid on-site call out if needed, Plug Me In’s customers will always have the support they need for any queries and issues. 

Plug Me In Success Story

Disjointed collaboration and integration processes

Several obstacles impacted Plug Me In’s efficiency, including time-consuming and uncoordinated upfront survey processes for installations, and inefficient and complex integration processes that impeded their work with new partners.

The team lacked the means of providing tailored customer journeys to larger clients that required specific messaging and branding. Collectively, these challenges resulted in disjointed processes. 

Consolidated processes and customised experiences with Jumptech

Jumptech’s platform seamlessly integrated with Plug Me In’s team of surveyors, enabling a customised upfront survey process and empowering the team to efficiently handle the planning process on each customer’s behalf.

Collaboration with new partners also became fast and effortless with a simplified integration process that requires only a few clicks to complete, guaranteeing a seamless workflow for Plug Me In and their partners.

Finally, Jumptech enabled Plug Me In to create bespoke customer journeys tailored to their larger clients’ specific needs. This feature enables the team to deliver customised messages and branding to their customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Plug Me In’s overall experience working with Jumptech and their customer support team has been exceptional. The Jumptech team has been supportive, engaged, and responsive to Plug Me In’s feedback. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of the evolving market and the need for continuous product development to meet industry requirements.

Using Jumptech across multiple teams is so seamless and easy. The surveys are sent to complete by our non-technical team, the results, DNO application, and quotes are prepared by our support team, and then jobs are scheduled with the field team. The fact that every interaction on a job is updated in real-time means that we can always see the status and progress of the customer’s application.

Ian Rowands
Operations Director

Customer feedback on the partnership with Jumptech has been overwhelmingly positive. Plug Me In’s clients value the automated communications that keep them informed and guide them through their journey. Jumptech’s seamless and intuitive platform enables Plug Me In’s customers to interact directly with the company to address any enquiries or concerns.