Sale of new luxury electric Tesla

Customer Experience Platform for the EV Automotive Sales & Leasing Sector

Integrate charge points seamlessly to enhance your brand’s integrity and customer experiences.

Ensure compliance with regulations and simplify navigation through the provision of assurances and paperwork.

Extend the customer experience beyond the showroom

Equip your customers with the knowledge they need to make confident decisions.
  • Seamlessly integrate charge point installations into your customers’ journey and extend their experiences.
  • Empower confident decision-making and foster customer trust with transparent and upfront details about installation partners, pricing, service areas, lead times, and customer reviews.
Rapid charger installed at home allows new luxury EV is able to be recharged

Nationwide coverage

Safeguard and nurture your brand’s integrity.
  • Strengthen your reputation by leveraging installation partners who deliver outstanding, on-brand customer experiences in the field with fully customised workflows and self-service reporting. 
  • Track install progress, address customer queries, and optimise customer experiences without the need for direct involvement in the installation process.
  • Provide customers with automated updates on steps and progress to deliver seamless, 5-star experiences.
  • Monitor delivery partners’ performance in real-time and against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring adherence to your standards.
Jumptech pathway helps keep jobs organised, allowing for increased back office efficiency, no matter the size of the project

Service Level Management

Simplify compliance and SLA management with a highly flexible platform.
  • Achieve 5-star installations and keep customers updated at each stage with a prescribed workflow for installers that prevents incomplete data and job closures.
  • Streamline warranty registration and installer approval with user-friendly forms and verify installations with photos and details of the job. 
  • Stay on top of industry regulations, paperwork, and territorial differences. 
  • Simplify project creation, tracking, and updates within a user-friendly platform.
Jumptech makes installing a charger in your home easy and convenient for everyone